AI Experts Rake in $1 Million Per Year. Here’s How

Artificial intelligence (AI) is part of almost every facet of human life, and there are examples we can see every day.

For example, AI has recently been used to improve the accuracy of eye tests. For more than 200 years, the Snellen chart and others have been used to test our eyesight acuity, but that may start to change with COVID-19 forcing more people to check their vision at home.

Researchers at Stanford University have come up with what they claim is a much more accurate eye test that uses AI to remove the possibility of human error and enhances accuracy.

In preliminary tests, the research team found a 74% reduction in error rate compared to the traditional Snellen test and a 67% reduction in errors with the best digital exam. ( It is believed that having much more accurate eye tests using AI will provide people with better eyesight and also will reduce the chances of missing eye diseases during traditional eye examinations.

Another example of the importance of AI today is the House of Representatives believes military AI programs are so vital they should be overseen by the Dep. Secretary of Defense. Also, Carnegie Mellon has invested $5 million to learn how AI can help with the COVID-19 outbreak. And all of this AI news happened in just a day this month.

Can You See Why AI and Machine Learning Experts Are Making $1 Million Per Year?

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Details of the certification bundle courses:

  • Create Machine Learning Algorithms in Python and R – Includes Code Templates: This course was designed by two data scientists. They share their knowledge to help you understand complex theories, algorithms, and coding libraries in the simplest way possible. In addition, they walk you through step-by-step into the machine learning world. With every part of the course, you will learn new skills and enhance your understanding of the lucrative Data Science Field:
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    • Learn machine learning on Python and R
    • Learn how to handle advanced methods such as Dimensionality Reduction
    • Develop strong intuition about many machine learning models
    • Build machine learning models and understand how to combine them
  • Deep Learning A-Z: Master Some of the Most Cutting-Edge Deep Learning Algorithms and Techniques with Real-Life Examples. This course helps you understand the concept of deep learning in an organized and robust structure. Students work on real-world data sets that will help you gain your confidence in deep learning:
    • Access 180 lectures and 23 hours of content whenever you like.
    • Understand Artificial Neural Networks and the intuition behind them.
    • Compare and contrast Unsupervised and Supervised Deep Learning.
    • Apply Convolutional Neural Networks in the real world.
  • Python A-Z: Get Started in Python Programming for Data Science & Data Analytics. Python is difficult and has a steep learning curve, but this course is better and different. In each new tutorial, it builds on what you learned before and helps you move forward to the next step. After each video, you will learn a new concept that you can apply immediately. The training is full of real-life challenges that you need to solve. Some are solved collaboratively and others are solved as homework.
    • Access 73 lectures and 11 hours of content whenever you like.
    • Understand the vital principles of Python programming.
    • Learn about float, integer, logical, string and other Python types
    • Learn how to code in Jupiter notebooks
    • Grasp the law of large numbers
  • Tensorflow 2.0: Complete Guide on the Brand New Tensorflow: Create Amazing Deep Learning & AI Solutions and Bring Them Into Production. This program was recently released and simplifies the maintenance processes and development model. Boosts the user’s understanding by simplifying difficult concepts. Structured so all topics are studied: from neural network modeling to production to training           
    • Access 130 lectures and 13 hours of content any time you like.
    • Learn how to implement artificial & recurrent neural networks in Tensorflow 2.0
    • Construct a bot that acts as a broker to buy and sell stocks
    • Create data validation and dataset preprocessing

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