10 Companies Hiring the Most AI Experts in the U.S.

While 2019 saw a dip in venture capital funding, there was one major area where that trend didn’t hold true — artificial intelligence. AI startups combined to raise nearly $19 billion in funding during 2019 alone, setting a single-year startup funding record in the process.

The startup space may be ideal for some individuals with experience in AI developing, programming and other areas, these professionals don’t have to limit their job search to fledgling companies. That’s because many of the organizations that are most desperately seeking to hire AI experts are among some of the biggest household names in the United States.

In fact, according to an analysis of job openings throughout the U.S. that were posted on Indeed.com, a leading online job board, more than 3,400 jobs across the U.S. called for experts in artificial intelligence, including engineers, programmers, analysts, instructors, researchers and more.

Before we dive into the 10 companies hiring the most AI experts for 2020, let’s talk a bit about our methodology: We believe our analysis is conservative and that more AI jobs are out there than what we’ve listed here. But to ensure that our analysis included only jobs that require direct experience in the technology, programming and science that goes into AI and machine learning, we limited our search only to jobs whose titles included one or more of about a dozen areas. This included broad areas like artificial intelligence and machine learning but also extended to programming languages and data mining. All of the jobs we analyzed were posted on Indeed in the U.S. in mid-February 2020.

1. Deloitte

Multinational accounting and consulting giant Deloitte is the biggest game in town when it comes to AI and machine learning job openings, with 494 posted during the study period. Deloitte accounts for nearly 15% of AI job postings, about double the next-biggest hirer.

Deloitte offers the second-highest average annual salary ($126,020), and its job offerings were the most geographically diverse, with Houston, Boston, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles each being home to at least 15 Deloitte openings for AI experts.

2. Amazon

Amazon, the world’s largest retailer and fifth-largest company in the U.S., was seeking to hire 294 professionals in AI and machine learning, which equates to 8.6% of all openings in the space.

Amazon’s average annual salary figure is among the top half ($118,320), and the solid majority of Amazon’s job openings are, of course, in Seattle, the company’s home city. Silicon Valley is another hotspot for Amazon, with Palo Alto and Sunnyvale combining for 60 of Amazon’s AI posts.

3. Apple

Apple’s AI job openings were the third-largest at 146, about 4.3% of all openings we analyzed.

The Cupertino-based company did not offer enough details about salaries for us to calculate an average, but Santa Clara accounted for the vast majority of openings (119 total), followed by Seattle (21) and Austin (4).

4. Nvidia

Computer chip manufacturer Nvidia came in at No. 4 with a total of 79 job postings in artificial intelligence, machine learning and related areas. That equates to just under 2.5% of AI openings.

The company’s average salary ($108,660) was smack in the middle of the pack, and Santa Clara was home to the biggest number of openings (70), with Redmond, Washington accounting for 7 and Pittsburgh being home to a single AI opening at Nvidia.

5. JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase, the largest bank in the United States, came in fifth for AI job posts with 74, or about 2.2% of all AI posts.

Chase’s average salary figure, $107,900, puts it in the middle, and New York City was the most commonly listed location of job openings with 33, followed by Columbus, Ohio with 11 and Wilmington, Delaware with 8.

6. Microsoft

Microsoft was seeking to hire 46 experts in AI, which puts the company at No. 6, well behind Chase, with about 1.3% of all AI posts.

The company had the lowest average listed salary ($63,720), and the vast majority of its jobs were in Redmond (33).

7. Facebook

Facebook posted 45 openings in the AI space, or about 1.3% of all job posts that we studied.

The social media giant offers the second-lowest average salary ($93,840), and about half of Facebook’s openings were in Menlo Park, California, which is where the company has its headquarters.

8. Capital One

No. 8 Capital One posted 41 jobs that called for expertise in AI, which equates to 1.2% of all qualifying openings.

The bank and financial firm offers the highest average salary for its AI openings ($137,980), and almost all jobs were in Virginia, including McLean (31), Vienna (4) and Richmond (3).

9. Qualcomm

Chipmaker Qualcomm was No. 9 with a total of 26 job openings in machine learning and related areas, or less than 1% of all openings included in the study.

Qualcomm’s average annual salary was the third-lowest ($95,500), and almost all jobs the company listed were in San Diego.

10. Twitter

Just over two dozen AI jobs were posted by Twitter, or about 0.7%.

Twitter was offering AI professionals an average salary in the bottom half among the companies we studied ($102,800), and San Francisco was the site of most of the openings (18), followed by New York with 5.

Where Are the Jobs?

We’ve explored a bit about which companies are hiring in which cities, but what does the overall geographic picture look like for AI professionals? As one would expect, the West Coast is a hotbed of AI hiring, but that’s not to say that all experts should head west.

Openings by city, top 10

Seattle, WA 258
San Francisco, CA 201
New York, NY 183
Santa Clara, CA 121
Santa Clara Valley, CA 119
Boston, MA 92
Palo Alto, CA 79
San Diego, CA 77
San Jose, CA 77
McLean, VA 76


AI, machine learning and related technologies are projected to contribute nearly $16 trillion to the worldwide economy by 2030, but none of these disciplines will be useful without the hard work and support of qualified individuals, from programmers and engineers to analysts and researchers.